#Domagick Day Three: Affirmation?

When I was on the set of my first movie — a low-budget horror film — we had a satanic book for a prop. It was really just a cool old blank book that the stagehands filled with occult symbols. It was placed in a trunk along with some candles — the ones that look like dripping blood — every night. One day we arrived at the remote wooded set, and the candles were set in a circle with the book in the middle. It spooked us all, and felt like a supernatural blessing.

After my invocation yesterday, a candle tipped off the middle of my altar and fell, untouched, to the ground. I heard from another acquaintance, and saw the picture, that her invocation to Lilith had the same result. There was no wind from an open window, no tricky pet to push it off. Just…well, just a pretty heavy and solid candle on the ground.

Perhaps an affirmation? Maybe unhappiness with the ritual? Maybe another trickster spirit? I’m not sure what to think! But my gut feeling is a positive one.

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