#Domagick Day Four: Communion with the Goddess

Yesterday, after my invocation, I spent a lot of time in meditation. I felt something strong — I felt in perfect communion with the Goddess Lilith. I completely understood Her. Everything made sense, Her dark aspects, Her light, everything. It’s as if I was thinking as She thinks, feeling as She does, our souls in alignment.

(I’ve felt something similar only one other time, that was during my self initiation. I felt as if I left my body, and She entered it, like a deep breath of black smoke.)

Then my mind changed, and I had a vision, of Tiamat. She appeared as a two headed dragon, half rampant. She was not roaring or spitting fire, just looking at me, Her two heads moving about. It was quite a vision, a startling yet soothing vision to have!

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