#Domagick Day Six: Encountering Lilith

I have found that I love a day that starts with invocation, and ends with meditation. Yesterday was one of these days.

During my nighttime meditation, I had a vision of Lilith. This one was a bit different than ones I’ve had before, but I still recognized Her. She was a beautiful, strong, middle aged woman with long black hair, featuring a couple silver streaks. (Forgive the pop culture reference, but it reminded me of Lily Munster.) Notably, She had a snake’s tongue.

I asked Her if She had a message. FREEDOM, was the word that came to mind. Freedom. Lilith represents freedom, and wants us to embrace freedom…from ourselves, from addictions (something I’ve been working on).

Find freedom in your life. Embrace it. And maybe you will feel the love of Lilith!

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