#Domagick Day Seven: Something Different

For today’s invocation I did something a little different: I invoked the Goddess. No name, no face, no mantra or enn. Just the Goddess. The Goddess that resides in all of the earth and nature, whose spirit fills all living things — the Goddess who resides in me. Just Her.

The Goddess comes to us in many different forms, different avatars. She appears to each culture in the manner they need, can understand, and in which they will build Her up.

I have needed Lilith. Lilith has come to me, has called to me. She is one definitive aspect of the Goddess, and Her magick is a strong current. But know, I do not worship Lilith. I honor Her, just as I honor myself. I worship the God and Goddess.

I suppose it’s the difference in being a hard polytheist, and a pan- or panentheist. I’m a bit of both. Yes, these are indeed individual divinities. But they are springs that flow from the source, the well spring from which all flows. She is who I needed today.

The Goddess.

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