#Domagick Day Seven: Something Different

For today’s invocation I did something a little different: I invoked the Goddess. No name, no face, no mantra or enn. Just the Goddess. The Goddess that resides in all of the earth and nature, whose spirit fills all living things — the Goddess who resides in me. Just Her.

The Goddess comes to us in many different forms, different avatars. She appears to each culture in the manner they need, can understand, and in which they will build Her up.

I have needed Lilith. Lilith has come to me, has called to me. She is one definitive aspect of the Goddess, and Her magick is a strong current. But know, I do not worship Lilith. I honor Her, just as I honor myself. I worship the God and Goddess.

I suppose it’s the difference in being a hard polytheist, and a pan- or panentheist. I’m a bit of both. Yes, these are indeed individual divinities. But they are springs that flow from the source, the well spring from which all flows. She is who I needed today.

The Goddess.

By Request: Prosperity Ritual to Lilith

This was a requested ritual that I’ll be adding to my archives.

Sometimes I script my rituals, but often I make them as I go. This is one of those cases. Forgive me that I dont have the complete wording — although, as always, focus and intent is far more important!

This ritual is best performed on a harvest sabbat. An esbat (full moon), dark moon (new moon), or Lilith’s moon (three days after the new moon) would also be ideal.

1. Cast your circle

You may do this however you like, ideally invoking deities you work with. Perhaps the dark ones?

Point your athame to the north. “I call on thee, Belial. Hail and welcome!”

Point your athame to the west. “I call on thee, Leviathan. Hail and welcome!”

Point your athame to the south. “I call on thee, Satanas. Hail and welcome!”

Point your athame to the east. “I call on thee, Lucifer. Hail and welcome!”

Light black and red candles for Lilith. Ring a bell or singing bowl three times. “I invoke thee, Lilith. Hail and welcome!” Ring a bell or singing bowl three times.

2. Request

Light gold candles. Ask for what you need or want. Prosperity, fertility, etc.

3. Offering

Give Her an offering, perhaps sexual fluids, on Her sigil.

4. Chant

Chant and meditate deeply on Her enn (mantra), at least three times. Renich viasa avage lillith lirach.

5. Crystals

If you wish, charge a carnelian and citrine crystal. These can be helpful to decorate your altar, or to hold when you need motivation (carnelian) and energy (citrine) at work.

6. Meditation and Divination

Spend a moment in meditation. Watch for signs. Draw a tarot card if you wish.

7. Close your circle

When ready, close your circle in the same manner, “hail and farewell.” Snuff your candles. Ring your bell or singing bowl three times.


#Domagick Day Six: Encountering Lilith

I have found that I love a day that starts with invocation, and ends with meditation. Yesterday was one of these days.

During my nighttime meditation, I had a vision of Lilith. This one was a bit different than ones I’ve had before, but I still recognized Her. She was a beautiful, strong, middle aged woman with long black hair, featuring a couple silver streaks. (Forgive the pop culture reference, but it reminded me of Lily Munster.) Notably, She had a snake’s tongue.

I asked Her if She had a message. FREEDOM, was the word that came to mind. Freedom. Lilith represents freedom, and wants us to embrace freedom…from ourselves, from addictions (something I’ve been working on).

Find freedom in your life. Embrace it. And maybe you will feel the love of Lilith!

#Domagick Day Five: Signs of Life

Today’s invocation was simplified due to time constraints. But that didnt make it any less effective! I started with some yoga, grounding my energy and warming up my body. As I recited Lilith’s enn, like chanting a mantra, my familiar (my pet) suddenly bolted into the room, out of character. My phone, set on the table, suddenly lit up — although I checked later, and had no messages.

Or maybe I did — a message from the astral?

#Domagick Day Four: Communion with the Goddess

Yesterday, after my invocation, I spent a lot of time in meditation. I felt something strong — I felt in perfect communion with the Goddess Lilith. I completely understood Her. Everything made sense, Her dark aspects, Her light, everything. It’s as if I was thinking as She thinks, feeling as She does, our souls in alignment.

(I’ve felt something similar only one other time, that was during my self initiation. I felt as if I left my body, and She entered it, like a deep breath of black smoke.)

Then my mind changed, and I had a vision, of Tiamat. She appeared as a two headed dragon, half rampant. She was not roaring or spitting fire, just looking at me, Her two heads moving about. It was quite a vision, a startling yet soothing vision to have!

#Domagick Day Three: Affirmation?

When I was on the set of my first movie — a low-budget horror film — we had a satanic book for a prop. It was really just a cool old blank book that the stagehands filled with occult symbols. It was placed in a trunk along with some candles — the ones that look like dripping blood — every night. One day we arrived at the remote wooded set, and the candles were set in a circle with the book in the middle. It spooked us all, and felt like a supernatural blessing.

After my invocation yesterday, a candle tipped off the middle of my altar and fell, untouched, to the ground. I heard from another acquaintance, and saw the picture, that her invocation to Lilith had the same result. There was no wind from an open window, no tricky pet to push it off. Just…well, just a pretty heavy and solid candle on the ground.

Perhaps an affirmation? Maybe unhappiness with the ritual? Maybe another trickster spirit? I’m not sure what to think! But my gut feeling is a positive one.

#Domagick Day Two: Invocation of Lilith

Today I performed an Invocation to Lilith, my first for the Domagick October invocation challenge. I utilized a ritual I wrote, adapting some from the Temple of the Ascending Flame’s Ritual to Lilith, available in their online library here.

I felt a number of physical changes in myself. She always fills me with warmth, to the point that I break a sweat. Today, I also felt a hot choking sensation in my throat — as if I’d been both sobbing for hours and was hoarse from screaming.

I placed my offering on Her sigil, and asked Her to bless a small token item to carry with me. I feel very positive from the results of this ritual, and look forward to working with Her more over the course of the month. Hail Lilith and blessed be!